California GOP vote against extending unemployment benefits

A floor debate that took place March 16 resulted in Republicans refusing to support urgency bill, ABX3 23. The bill would have temporarily extended unemployment benefits by 20 weeks. The extension would have been funded by federal money.

Republicans explained that they initially had no objection to the bill that would have extended unemployment benefits, but went onto explain that they objected to certain language used in the bill. The language in question would have put a requirement on California to exclude seasonal workers from receiving federally funded benefits.

The GOP explained that they could not support a bill that would put more burden on the California taxpayer.

California currently has one of the higher unemployment rates. Currently, California's unemployment rate is at 10.1%. This is an increase of 1.4% since the last recorded figure.

Democrats are fearing increased problems in California, they estimate that 300,000 unemployed will loose their unemployment benefits starting April 12.