Don't let your unemployment benefits or extension be denied.

Julie Spencer

I'm an unemployment case manager. I'm the person that will approve or decline your unemployment benefits or request for an extension. I'm declining an increasing number.

The number one reason why I decline benefits or extensions? They lack proof of need. Proof of need is a term explainining that you have produced proof you are searching for work, looking at career options, yet are still unable to find work.

The best way to prove your need for benefits is with a personalized paper trail. Many people come into my office with nothing, only tears in their eyes, and I'm forced to decline them. I know they need the benefits, but I decline them, simply because they were not able to show me proof of their need.

My hope is that today, I'll be able to stop declining requests for those that are depending on unemployment benefits to get through tough economic times. I'm going to show you a simple 100% free way, using resources on the internet, to create proof.

If you are filing for unemployment, currently on unemployment, or appealing a request for unemployment please follow the simple steps I list below. It will only take minutes, and it can be the deciding factor when you find yourself in front of your unemployment case manager. Even if you are currently keeping detailed records of your job search, please take the few minutes to complete the following steps. It will only benefit you.

Please follow the steps in the order that they are listed. Do not move on to the next step until you have completed the current one.

Step 1: Creating a career contact

This is the most important step. Many people do not do this, so please follow this step carefully!

In this step we are going to create a career contact. A career contact is an individual who provides proof to your case manager that you have been exploring new opportunities, and are willing to expand your education if you are unable to find employment.

Here's how we'll do it, I want you to fill out a request for information at ITT Technical Institute. Here's some important tips to keep in mind when filling out the form.

  • Fill out the form accurately, don't use a false name. We want the information from ITT to be personalized.
  • When answering what campus, select the one that is nearest you, even if it isn't in your state. This field is required, but not that important for our needs.
  • There is a field that asks you what schools you are interested in, select all of them.
  • I live near an ITT campus, should I just go there and grab their information?
    No. You must fill out the form I'm directing you to. You need personalized information displaying your name and address. This form is the only way you are going to receive that. This is going to benefit you greatly.
Now, go fill out that form! Congratulations! You just completed the first step in ensuring your claim to unemployment benefits. Easy wasn't it?

You have now made contact with ITT, they will in return be sending you information, including a personalized letter from an advisor.

Keep this letter!

This is your first correspondence with your career contact. I'll also need you to refer to that letter in the final step.
For now, let's move on to step 2.

Why have I chosen ITT as the career contact?
First, ITT is simply a great school.
Secondly, as a case manager, I'm more impressed when I see that a client is considering ITT as an education choice rather than a four year college, university, or community college. Their interest in ITT shows me they are interested in learning a new skill to get back into the workforce, not sitting around campus all day.

In fact, my advice, stay away from traditional four year schools and community colleges. The only thing you'll get from a traditional college education is debt. Half of my clients currently have college degrees. A traditional education no longer saves you from unemployment. When a client shows me that they are considering ITT, it tells me that they are interested in getting back into a job, and off of unemployment.

Plus, ITT provides a great opportunity to enter into some really hot careers. The two that I sincerely recommend you look into: Health Information Technology and Computer Forensics. These are two in demand, high paying careers. Here's what's great about ITT, they offer degrees that will get you into these careers in two years (less if you already have some higher education), and can be completed 100% online. That's impressive. You filled out that form right? Do yourself a favor and seriously check out those two career options when you receive your information from ITT.

Step 2: Document your job search

Every claim for unemployment requires you to keep detailed records of your job search.
I'm going to show you the easiest way to do it.

Go to, create an account, and create your resume.

Now, some of you have already done this, that's great. Some of you don't have a resume. That's fine. Create an account, and use Monster's excellent resume builder to create a simple resume. It doesn't have to be incredibly detailed, but it's an action that I want you to take right now.

Go to!

Done, or already have a resume on Monster? Great! Now, I want you to create four more resumes on Monster.

I know, it's a lot of work, so, you don't have to do it right now, but it is a step I want you to complete within the week. Make each resume focus on a different skill. Make one resume directly targeting your dream job.

Bottom line is, make each resume a bit different. The reason that I want you to do this is because I want you to have different resumes to target different types of employers.

Now that we've created an account on Monster, I want you to start applying to jobs. You now have up to five resumes to choose from, so send the employer whichever resume is most appropriate. Apply to at least three jobs a week. Don't be shy about applying... the worst that's going to happen is you'll end up with a great job!

Each time you apply to a job, Monster or the employer will send you a receipt to your email.
Print out each email. Keep a folder and store each email in it.

Congratulations, you just created your job search paper trail! It's that simple!

As a case manager, when someone comes in with a folder of jobs they have applied to, it impresses me.

Here's an unemployment case manager secret:
We have access to Monster's employment area. We can check your account and if I see that you have created up to five resumes in your job hunt, I'm really impressed.

Step 3: Putting it all together

You'll be receiving ITT's information soon. I want you take a good look at it. Look through their brochures and pick out an area of study that interests you. I guarantee you'll find something.

Very Important: After you have found an area of study, I want you to contact the advisor (your career contact) that has been assigned to you. Contact them through email. Think of some questions that you can ask. Print out all the emails between you and your career contact, save them. Ask any follow up questions, print out those emails and save them.

You now have documentation proving you are discussing future options with a career contact. As a case manager, again, I will be very impressed.

When you are contacted to discuss your unemployment with a case manager, bring all of this information with you. Your folder full of jobs you've been applying to, your emails between you and your ITT advisor (career contact), and any additional information you've collected on your own. Your case manager is going to be really impressed with the efforts you've made, and understand that you need some help. You'll easily be approved for unemployment benefits or an extension.

Well, that's it. It was that simple. Surprisingly, few people will go through with these steps. Many will be declined for unemployment benefits or an extension for simply ignoring these simple important steps. Don't be one of those people! If you've read through to the bottom without completing the steps, please go back to the top and complete the steps as I've listed them!

Personally, there's no way I'd turn down someone for unemployment benefits or an extension if they showed me they were making this much effort. I know that if they are taking these steps, they won't be on unemployment for long!.

I hope this information has helped you. I wish you the best of luck!

Here's a bonus tip:
If you are having trouble creating your five resumes, grab a highlighter and read through ITT's information again. Highlight terms and keywords that you think describe you and your past work experience. Incorporate them into your resumes.