Alaska Unemployment Rate


Alaska unemployment decreased

The unemployment rate for Alaska has decreased from the last recorded figure of 8.4% by 0.1%.

Unemployment rates by Alaska counties. Unemployment rates by Alaska counties, not seasonally adjusted.

Alaska Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment benefits in Alaska provide temporary monetary compensation. In order to be eligible for Alaska unemployment you must meet the eligibility requirements of Alaska law. Alaska unemployment is administered by Alaska Unemployment Insurance in accordance within Federal guidelines. Alaska unemployment benefits may differ from other states due to each state unemployment office will estimate benefits through their own statistical data. Typically, Alaska unemployment is formulated by a number of factors including length of employment and your wage. Alaska unemployment duration of benefits may also differ from other states.

Eligibility for Alaska Unemployment Benefits

There are some basic requirements that you will have to meet in order to collect Alaska Unemployment.

  • You must have been employed.
    This requirement is, of course, necessary to collect Alaska unemployment benefits. The Alaska department of Labor will have published requirement that explain according to Alaska law what employment is considered. Typically, this requires you to meet certain factors including wages earned and time worked.
  • You must have been made unemployed by no fault of your own.
    This will be further explained under Alaska law.
  • You must file ongoing claims for continued eligibility.
    Every states unemployment program requires you to answer questions about your continued state of unemployment. You may also be required to keep detailed records of your job search and may be called to produce them at any time.
  • You must report any earnings.
    It is not unusual that people may pick up odd jobs during their time of unemployment. You are required to report any earnings you make during this time. Failure to do so may result in fines and ineligible to make further claims of unemployment.

Tips for filing for Alaska unemployment

  • Keep records and dates for all your employers, even if it was only for a short time. In your records keep names and numbers of people that the unemployment office may contact to verify your employment.
  • Keep pay stubs and W2s. Keep any records that show past earnings.
  • Prepare to show that your state of unemployment is not your fault. Ask your previous employer for a letter of dismissal. Keep any paper work that your previous employer gave you when you were let go.
  • File for Alaska unemployment immediately. Delaying your claim to Alaska unemployment benefits may make it more difficult to file in the future.

Questions About Your Alaska Unemployment Benefits

  • How soon will I recieve Alaska unemployment benefits?
    Typically, it will take two to three weeks to recieve your first benefit payment. So, make sure you file immediately.
  • How much will I get?
    How much you recieve from Alaska unemployment will differ from person to person. However, last recorded statistics show that benefits ranged from $44 to $320.
  • Will I have to pay taxes on unemployment income?
    Yes. Unemployment benefits are subject to taxes. However, you may elect not to have taxes withheld. Just remember, you will have to pay the taxes when it comes time to file income tax.
  • How long will my benefits last?
    Benefits typically last 26 weeks. However, this may differ from person to person depending on their length of work at their last position. You may also be eligible for an unemployment extension. It will be best to check with Alaska Unemployment Insurance.

Alaska Unemployment Extension

In Alaska there are 13 to 50 weeks of extended benefits available. Typically, in Alaska additional paperwork to receive an extension is not necessary. Your eligibility for the extensions will be determined automatically.

Here's what to expect: Expect to see a letter arriving telling you that your unemployment benefits have expired. Do not panic. You will more than likely be receiving another letter telling you that you are automatically being applied for an unemployment benefit extension. This letter should arrive within a week of the previous letter. After a short time, you should receive an additional letter informing you if you are eligible for the extension. If you do not receive each letter within a months time it is advised to contact your local unemployment office.

Keep in mind that the process for qualifying for an extension may take some time. Time that you will not be receiving benefits. Try to budget accordingly if you will be exhausting your normal unemployment benefits.

While receiving extended benefits you should also understand that the rules will be more strict. Just like normal benefits, you will need to keep detailed records of your job search. People receiving extended benefits are more likely to be called into a local office for a progress report with a local counselor. If you are not able to produce evidence of your job search your benefits may be cancelled.

Reaching your end of benefit year in Alaska

Due to the large number of long term unemployed this is a topic that is still currently being developed. Unfortunately, it seems that in Alaska there is conflicting information on what to do next when your benefit year ends.

Many in Alaska have reached the end of their benefit year and currently need to access the resources made available in the most recent extension. Most states are informing those that need a further extension not to contact their local office, instead a letter will arrive to those that are eligible. However, individuals that have reached their end of year benefit are typically told to submit another claim. There has been no word yet if individuals whose benefits are exhausted due to reaching their end of benefit year need to file again to be eligible for the latest extension.

Alaska Outlook

The recent stimulus and jobs bill makes money available for Alaska residents to retrain for a new career. Our recommendation: Register and find degree programs that will train you for recession free jobs in Alaska. Here's a look at a few hot careers available in Alaska.
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  • Information Systems Administration
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